2011 Little Guy 5-Wide Platform

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List Price: $5,995.00
Price: $5,995.00

The most popular of all models, the 5-Wide offers all of the same features as the 4-Wide PLATFORM, but with a queen sized, tri-fold mattress. At just 900 lbs, any car or truck that is rated to tow, can hook this trailer up and get out on the road.


Length 148 ft.
Width 59 in.
Height 68 in.
Weight 900 lbs.
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) 900 lbs.


Alloy Wheels

All Little Guy and RT models feature attractive, 7 spoke, aluminum alloy wheels. Sharp, attractive and easy to clean, these wheels scream "Quality". The Shadow line features black steel wheels with baby moon hubcaps.

Aluminum Fender

All models, except the Silver Shadow Highline feature polished, durable aluminum fenders as standard equipment. These fenders are attractive and they help to protect your Little Guy teardrop camper trailer from road grime.

Aluminum Stone Guard

Every one of our models come with standard equipped front and rear Stone Guards, made from aluminum, in the diamond plate pattern. These stone guards help to increase the life of your Little Guy Teardrop Camper Trailer.

Customized Graphics

Your Little Guy can be striped with a basic graphics package, consisting of your choice of 6 graphics styles (Burn, Horizon, Jet, Jolt, Racer or Slasher. Choose the style you like, then pick the colors to go with the style. The color combinations are innumerable - we can even match your vehicle's paint code.

Entry Door

All models, except the ECON and RT (both have 1 door), come with 2 lockable, entry doors, with window slider and screen. These doors provide privacy and security while camping in your Little Guy Teardrop Camper Trailer. They have 2 locks, a door lock as well as a deadbolt.

Fiberglass Shell

All Little Guy Camper Trailers are constructed using high quality fiberglass-clad exterior side walls. This prevents moisture penetration and ensures the longevity of your teardrop camper trailer. The fiberglass shell is the perfect canvas for applying custom striping, paint jobs, or vinyl wraps. The RT and Silver Shadow are constructed with anodized aluminum side walls. Roof lines for all models are constructed with the UV resistant Alufiber.

Wheel Jack

All models, except the Mini, come with white, painted, solid wood interior cabinets in various configurations, depending on the model. These cabinets are perfect for storing clothing, personal effects, and toiletries.

Interior Cabinets

All models, except the ECON (which has shelving) come with solid wood interior cabinets in various configurations, depending on the model. These cabinets are perfect for storing clothing, personal effects, toiletries or imbedding a small television.

Interior Lining

The interior for the Little Guy line consists of a linoleum floor, carpeted side walls and a vinyl clad headliner. The interior for the Shadow line is 100% finished wood and the RT sports finished wooden cabinets, carpeted walls and a linoleum floor.

Payload Platform

All of the Little Guy Platform, the Sport and RT models feature front exterior platforms. These platforms are ideal for hauling extra cargo such as coolers, bikes, and toolboxes. The Sport platform is heavy-duty and built extra large (61in x 72in), is rated for 1,000 lbs of cargo and able to haul ATVs or dirt bikes.

Rear Galley

All models feature a Rear Galley, except the RT. The Little Guy galley is constructed of vinyl clad wood composite countertop and backsplash with cabinetry access to form an open, versatile galley area. The Shadow galley is constructed out of 100% finished wood that has a countertop, shelf, under counter storage space and cabinets - it is also where the converter is located. All galleys include exterior lighting and provide a dedicated space in which to prepare meals and to serve your family and friends or simply to add more cargo.

Rear Hatch

All Little Guy models, except for the RT, come with a Rear Hatch that opens up the entire back of the unit. This rear hatch provides access to the galley, and locks for safety and convenience.

Roof Vent

All models come standard equipped with a 14 inch x 14 inch roof vent. The roof vent provides ventilation to your Little Guy Teardrop Camper Trailer to keep you comfortable while camping in your Little Guy. The Shadow and RT line come standard with power roof vent/fans, which is optional in the Little Guy line.

Torsion Axle

The torsion axle has an inner rubber torsion suspension, and gives the Little Guy a much smoother ride than the conventional leaf spring suspension. The Rascal and the 4-Wide Series are equipped with a 1500 pound torsion axle as shown. The 5-Wide and 6-Wide Series are equipped with a 2200 Pound torsion axle.

Stowable Ramp

On the Sport model, the platform comes with convenient Stowable Ramps to easily load your ATV, dirtbikes, or other equipment.

Tubular Frame

All models are constructed with a strong, welded, tubular frame. Every model has rugged 2 inch x 3 inch steel tubular frames.

Factory Installed A/C

Optional factory installed Air Conditioning unit.

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